About Orchesta

IMPERIAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, is one of Austria’s finest film music and classical orchestras, situated in the heart of Europe. Renowned musicians of famous Viennese and international ensembles, make IMPERIAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA one of the finest orchestras Vienna has to offer.

Vienna isn’t called the “capital of music” for nothing. It is no coincidence that a great, if not the greatest, film music composer was Viennese: Erich Wolgang Korngold.

This ensemble wants to travel the world to provide folks with stunning music and perform the finest pieces that the movie music field has to offer. Currently the “IMPERIAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA”  is performing in Vienna their next destination being the beautiful country of Russia. IMPERIAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA  is renowned for their class and style. Offering popular movie music and also famous Viennese classical music (upon request), they surely meet everyone’s taste and capture audiences, both, young and old.

THE IMPERIAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA offers a wide range of film music classics, such as Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, The Lion King, E.T., the Sound of Music and many more. Furthermore, traditional classical music, such as Mozart and Strauss, among others, can additionally be found in their large repertoire-upon request.

Allow this Viennese orchestra to make you experience various great movies in a different way! Also, let the traditional classical music guide you back in time, into the European Historic Imperial Times …

Breathtaking music in stunning settings is awaiting you!


Ranging from the quartett to a symphony orchestra: We musically accompany all kinds of events.

Imperial Philharmonic can be booked for large, but also intimate events, for concert halls, venues, gala concerts and benefit concerts, among others.

If you are interested in the orchestra or have any questions regarding the ensemble, reservations/bookings or other inquiries, please feel free to contact us!


A-1080 Vienna,Florianigasse 20
Vienna, Austria.
Call: +43 664 2456 302